Contemporary Textiles from Ancient Oaxacan Traditions


Specialty: Cochineal dye
Community: Santa María Coyotepec
Business name: Rancho La Nopalera
Address: Coyotepec, Km.10.5 Carretera Oaxaca - Pto. Angel, Oaxaca, Mexico
Phone: (01) 951 5510030; fax (01) 951 5510053
Web site:

Increasingly we seek to return to the “natural” in order to improve our surroundings and our health.  To do it we seek various alternatives, including getting back to materials of natural origin, which humans once used for their clothes, medicines, goods, and everything else around them.

To meet this need, there emerged TLAPANOCHESTLI ™ (from “garnet-colored” in the Nahuatl language), which in association with Aztecacolor, embodies history, science, and natural color—especially la grana cochinilla (cochineal dye) (Dactilopius coccus Costa), which gives its name to our organization, TLAPANOCHESTLI ™.

Cochineal is a small, parasitic insect that lives on cactus pads and produces a natural red color, chemically known as “carmine.”